Are you Ready ? 2017 NZ Working Holiday is around the corner!!!


2017纽西兰 Working Holiday Visa Application接单最后5天!!!
Last 5Day for New Zealand Working Holiday Visa Application!!!!
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#澳洲,#韩国,#纽西兰 #工作旅行 就是现在!Time for #Australia, #Korea, #NewZealand! while you study or #work at Australia , you can #travel around Australia..
背起背包一起 GO! 澳洲,韩国,纽西兰 让你再一次 3大国家 (y) 4个宇宙不同的签证 (y) 5个地点 (y)
New #Job Available !新工作更新!
包山包海服务:包吃包住!包机票,包visa签证服务,包送到机场服务,#保证 你到澳洲!+打工度假证 / 学生证 / 工作证 (y)

✈Fly with us at
澳洲工作旅行就是现在!Time for Australia !Working Holiday Australia!

#Perth #伯斯 , #Melbourne #墨尔本 , #GoldCoast #黄金海岸 +#Sydney #悉尼
3+1 Sydney 大地点任你挑战!

韩国工作旅行 ,就是现在!Time for Korea!by Skynet Kualalumpur

纽西兰工作旅行就是现在!Time for New Zealand !Working Holiday New Zealand!

By SkyNet Kuala Lumpur,experience the life of Australia, Korea, New Zealand!
Your Dream is our Goal sunglasses emoticon Let us provide you better job in your future. Share with your friends ! Together we make dreams come anyone can experience working & Holiday at overseas! Especially Graduates student~
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现在每个人可以体验下外国工作&旅行生活! 尤其是毕业生 。
(y) [ 赞 ] ! 跟多更新资料即将到来!

Education of Australia University • College
Diploma & Degree Courses available :
●Language ●Business ●Human resources ●I.T ●Massage ●Cookery Hospitality ●Patisserie Course .etc
(entitled apply Australian permanent resident / PR)

How to apply, Feedback , package & services please Click the link below for more info:
Twitter page :
Facebook page :

#WokingHoliday #vacancy #vacancies #StudentVisa #university #college #visa #tourism #度假 #打工度假

*Please note that our sales team will contact you within 2-5 working days upon you completed the form.


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